The Wish Block Method

Hi, We're The Larsons, founders of Godsend Wellness - an Inspired Lifestyle Company.

It is with great honor that we invite You to Discover how using The Wish Blocks can bring more Well Being and Abundance into ALL areas of your life.  We have been successfully utilizing the Wish Blocks for many years now, and it have become our deep desire to share this simple, natural yet extremely powerful technique with You!

You have the power to completely transform and direct the path of your life experience.  All you need is a little guidance and a tangible tool to help you along the way.  This is where the Wish Block comes in handy, with the help of the Wish Block, it will become super easy for you to tap into the power of your Divine Mind and start Co-creating your ultimate life experience.  Whether it is something specific you require, or a BIG lifetime goal - the Wish Block will get you there, faster and easier than you could ever imagine.

It is fun and easy to manifest your Desire using The Wish Block. Just follow a few simple steps and rest assured that you are well on your way to manifesting your perfect life experience, one wish at a time!

The Wish Blocks are handcrafted in our wood shop, each piece is unique and created with love.  The accompanying Wish Block Success Guide is created by Kamila, a Spiritual Teacher and Life Coach, and is an extremely effective self-coaching method which will only take a few minutes to work through and will help you Discover your Heart's Desire!

We are also sending you our very powerful "Deepest Wish Manifestation" Meditation.  You will absolutely love tuning into to your Highest self and allowing that beautiful Divine energy to begin working Miracles in your life.

AND for a limited time only, Kamila is offering you a complimentary coaching session (valued at $99).  This coaching session will help you clarify, and prioritize what it is that you wish to manifest first in your life.

The Wish Block Coaching Method is the simple, safe and extremely effective, just check out what others have to say:


"The Wish Blocks are extraordinary.  They are infused with positive energy and love.  I love my Wish Block! it has enhanced my personal and business life experience in miraculous ways." -Aneta M. - Realtor

"Just Write, Believe, Receive!  I love my Wish Block - it has done wonders for me!" -Vito M. - Investor

"Thanks to my Wish Block, I am succeeding in my university program, I found a great job and a new boyfriend.  Incorporating the Wish Block into my life is a very exciting, ongoing experience.  It is truly a Godsend!" - Marcy - Psychology Student

"I love My Wish Block!  I keep my Wish Block in a place where I can easily see it, so I stay focused on what I want to create most in my life" - Bela Patel - Life Coach 

"Everyday I look at my Wish Blocks and they give me hope and restore my Faith, Thank You:)" Kien K. Spa Owner

"The Wish Block is an awesome concept.  It is a daily reminded that nothing is impossible if I follow my heart" - Dr.Glen F. - Dentist

"This is totally transcendent level of mind connection with simple, yet genius! I love my Wish Block" - Dr. Hisham Abdalla - Author


Every Day we hear inspiring stories about how the Wish Blocks have helped people from all over the world manifest their perfect homes, jobs, cars, relationships, financial breakthroughs, health, inner peace and new levels of understanding about the inner workings of our Divine mind, faith and confidence! 

We hence welcome you and invite you to Join Us -  Be the next Wish Block success story!

Wishing you the very BEST! - May your Deepest Wishes manifest in perfect order, may you be Happy, Joyful and at Peace

Kamila, Thomas and Nicholas



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