The Wish Block - Your Wish IS Your Command

The Wish Block – It Works!           "Your Wish IS Your Command"

Dear Friends,

It is with great honor that we invite you to discover how using The Wish Block can bring more abundance into ALL areas of your life. We have been successfully using this method for a long time now, and it has become our deep desire to share it with You!



You see, the Wish Block has the power to enhance your life experience. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps, and you will be closer to achieving your dreams than ever before.  Whether it is something specific that you desire, or a big lifetime goal, the Wish Block will help you get there, faster than you think!



So are you curious to find out how we got started with the Wish Blocks?


 Once upon a time, in a land far away, the desire came to us to find ways to express our deepest wishes in such a way, that would speed up their manifestation process.  We have been eager students of the spiritual laws of the universe and one of the most important concepts we have learned is that everything begins with THOUGHT:

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought” – Buddha



So we wanted to create a means to amplify our thoughts and bring more good things into our experience.  The idea on how to achieve just that came to us very soon, when one day Thomas emerged from our woodshop with a beautiful wooden block in his hands. 



He was inspired to express a wish by writing it on this block with a permanent marker and by displaying it in our house.  This very first wish block said the following:

“We receive large cheques from new and unexpected sources”

We placed it in our bathroom visible to all.  Within two weeks, we received a cheque for a thousand dollars from a class action lawsuit settlement we had absolutely no idea we were a part of (note to readers: open up your junk mail). Although we were both dumbfounded and extremely shocked, we quickly realized that we did in fact express the intention of receiving this “unexpected cheque”, and all that happened was a direct answer to our request from the universe.  The unexpected cheques kept coming after that as well….from least expected sources, big and small.  We won a gift card from the Heart & Stroke lottery (which has never happened before despite our loyal support of the charity for many years), stock shareholder cheques from investments that had been idle for as long as we could remember starter pouring in, commission cheques arrived with sums much larger than expected, and so on…needless to say, we were well taken care of by the Universe, and all our needs were abundantly provided for allowing time and resources for more travel including a super fun unexpected 2 week vacation to Hawaii AND wonderful opportunity to take part in a Dental Mission trip abroad!







 If this was possible, we thought, let’s express other wishes and desires on these “wish blocks” and so we did, with GREAT success. And come Christmas time we shared The Wish Blocks with our closest friends and family.  Most of them embraced the idea and developed amazing Wish Block affirmations of their own. For example, my mother, who had been struggling with health issues, wrote down “I am in Perfect Health" on her Wish Block. She is now convinced that the Wish Block has really helped her feel better just by focusing on and thinking about feeling better.  Now every time I call her and ask how she’s feeling, she answers: “I’m feeling good” as opposed to, back in the day, she would list each and every ache and pain in her entire body in alphabetical order. 


My good friend Anne, had been wondering how will she ever be able to afford the house of her dreams, given her current situation, she just saw no hope…her and her husband created a very powerful intention together, and next time I spoke to her she was thanking me and expressing great joy, she was explaining to me all the new “miraculous” developments that had taken place since they started affirming hope, joy and a positive future together!




The examples go on and on, our inbox is constantly flooded with testimonials and positive results from people we know, and strangers alike. But none of this is of any value to You, dear reader, unless you give the Wish Block Method a fair trial.  Please click below to get started on your very own Wish Block Success Journey.

By following 5 simple steps you will align yourself with a Divine Force that creates worlds, to now start working FOR You.  We didn’t make this stuff up, we have done tremendous research over the years and among the many examples of this ancient principle – some just worded in various ways - here is a good one taken directly from the Bible:

“Thou shall also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee; and the light shall shine upon thy ways” (Job 22:28)


There is probably no other subject as important to your Well Being than the “calling of things that are not”, it is a spiritual principle and those who know about it enjoy great success in aligning their life experiences with everything that is good.





SO…Are you ready to get started?
We can't wait to hear all about your Wish Block Success!
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Here's what others have to say about The Wish Block:

 "The Wish Block has allowed me to manifest many of my life's desires.  It has helped me find a better paying job and to succeed in my university program.  Incorporating the Wish Block into my everyday life is an incredible and ongoing experience.  It truly is a godsend!" - Marcelina M.



" I love my Wish Block! As soon as I saw the beautiful piece of wood, I could already feel the amazing energy coming from it.  And then I had so much fun coming up with the special wish I wanted to imprint on it and then decorating it with some associated images.  I keep my Wish Block in a place where I can easily see it, so that I stay focused on what I want to create most in my life.  And as time goes on, my wish becomes more and more true :)"  - Bela Patel - Create A Bela Life Coaching



"The Wish Block is an awesome concept.  I have it on  my nightstand as it was given to my by a friend.  For me it's something that reminds me of the hope and power to overcome my challenges despite all odds, and to look toward my future with motivation and a positive attitude.  It is a daily reminder that nothing is impossible if I follow my heart" - Dr. Glen F.


"Wish Block hmmmmm??? You might think, piece of lumber! Think again...if you care to believe enough, it does miracles.  I love my Wish Block! Write, Believe, Receive!!!" - Vito M.


"I would like to share my insights on the Wish Block.  By now we all know that we can help ourselves by attracting into our lives that what we want by using our thoughts and feelings.  I have been studying the principles of the Law of Attraction for many years now and everyday I am more and more astonished by the Divine power within us as Co-Creators with God.  I believe that there is great power in numbers, the energy is just so much stronger when someone agrees with us in our prayers and wishes - it gains power.  This is why when I heard Kamila and Thomas' idea of the Wish Block, I immediately thought it amazing!  The Wish Blocks are made by hand, with a lot of love and good energy for the recipient.  These good wishes for others make them extraordinary, not just mere pieces of wood.  By writing your wishful affirmations on these Blocks,  you can be assured that someone agrees with your wish and sends out good energy to the Universe for your wish to manifest.  Having these blocks in our house and office is a constant reminder to focus on our heart's desire, to keep praying and believing.  They help through the challenging times, when our faith is not as strong and it needs a boost.  They serve as reminders that God knows about our wish and that its being taken care of in Divine Order and that it will manifest in its due time and in the best way for us.  Sending lots of love to all of you.  And may all your Wishes come true!!!" - Arleta Malinski


"I would like to thank Kamila & Thomas for the nice Wish Blocks.  Every day I look at my Wish Blocks and they give me hope and restore my Thank You:)" - Kien K.