The Surprising Blessing of my Dead Iphone Battery by Kamila Larson

Posted on January 04, 2018 by Kamila Ganowska-Larson | 0 Comments

My Iphone battery began acting up just a couple of weeks before Christmas and so I didn’t pay much attention to it at first….as with all my life problems, big and small, I prayed, I meditated, I put a picture of my favorite Saint over it and “gave it away”…check, check, and check - in most cases, that’s all that is required of me to get over a life challenge….

And so you can only imagine my surprise and wonder when this particular problem didn’t go away! In fact, it worsened !!!

 I couldn’t rely on my phone much anymore and it even died on me while I was shopping on Amazon for last minute gifts… the stress, the worry, the anxiety of missing out on important texts and phone calls…UGH! It was AWFUL.  I wasn’t aware of the whole battery replacement thing that Apple was doing yet, and thought my phone is done! I figured I will have to deal with it sometime after Christmas and even thought of maybe treating myself to a new (non-Apple) phone for my birthday. 

I was forced to put my phone away and learn to cope with extremely limited usage of it and only while connected to the charger cable plugged into the wall (which by the way is way too short to be able to use comfortably when trying to make a phone call).  I began relying less and less on my phone, checking it less and less, I unplugged  from all social media, stopped checking my email…sometimes I would leave it unplugged somewhere in the house only to find it dead hours later…I almost threw it in the wash along with all the baby laundry one day!

Christmas came and went, all mostly without my phone, and although I don’t have any pictures to prove it – this was my best Christmas yet! Without my phone to keep me occupied and distracted, I had more time to enjoy real face to face conversations with my family, I enjoyed not feeling pulled towards checking my Facebook or email, not feeling the urge to take pictures of everything … a new level of freedom -  all while having the perfect excuse that everyone understood:  “sorry my phone is dead, It just won’t charge…” is all it took to gain empathy and understanding from the world!

I even had to get dressed in a blizzard one day and walk over to my sister’s cottage down the road to bring her a very important message regarding dinner plans… what would’ve been taken care of by a quick text in the past resulted in her and I sharing a wonderful impromptu meditation session by the fireplace.

January 2 I called AppleCare and the kind loving soul that was helping me -I regret not catching his name – “remotely” diagnosed it to be in fact a battery issue that Apple will be able to help me with at a cost of $35 Canadian…(made me wonder what else he could “remotely diagnose” for me? ) He also booked me an appointment in the nearest city which is about an hour away, to have my new battery installed the next day.  I woke up that morning with a feeling in my gut to call the place up and confirm my appointment, and by following my Divine Guidance I found out that they’ve run out of batteries and it will take a couple of weeks for the new shipment to arrive. What would’ve sounded like a death sentence back in the day, has actually turned into me having MORE of a LIFE (and having the time to write this post).  My writing was just interrupted a few minutes ago by a phone call that I didn’t need to take, but not to worry as my battery died seconds into it and I was able to get back to my story (and make organic sweet potato and carrot puree for my baby). 

I really look forward to more insight and lessons from the Universe in the next two weeks as I await my replacement battery to arrive.  It’s been very enlightening so far!

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